Rwanda’s tourism Attractions Beyond Mountain Gorillas

Although Rwanda has been considered as the best tourism destination in the whole of Africa with a lot to offer, the famous attraction that has been known for many years and has attracted many people to Rwanda are the mountain gorillas found in volcanoes national park in the virunga conservation area. The Rwanda development board a body responsible for tourism gives many options to the travelers to the republic of Rwanda among which are the mountain gorillas in the volcanoes national park, the canopy walk in Nyungwe forest national park, the museums, lake kivu, birding watching and the genocide memorial sites among others.

However, despite of the current attractions and tourism activities and the extensive marketing that qualifies Rwanda as the best tourism destination in Africa, it has been realized that the Rwanda development board responsible for developing new tourism products and marketing them should add other options. It is possible for someone not to be interested in any of the available options and they can be interested in something that is not currently on offer yet one that Rwanda could explore the possibilities of making it available in the future market.

Although tourism in Rwanda has developed at a rapid rate, most travelers have been forced to travel and connect from Rwanda to other countries to get great and full travel experience. This is has affected Rwanda from benefiting fully from travelers. Some of the money that travelers would have spent in Rwanda end up in some other countries because Rwanda cannot provide all that travelers wants.

It is believed that if Rwanda development board would leave a suggestion room of what some travelers would want to explore and experience, they would get new suggestions of the tourism products offered in some countries leading in tourism development. This room for new suggestions is good for data collection purposes and in new tourism product development.

This is intended to complement the mountain gorillas in the volcanoes national park that harbors nearly half of the mountain gorillas in the whole world. Mountain gorillas are believed to have become the main cash cows driving Rwanda’s revenues from the tourism sector. This has been good but has stopped people from bringing out any argument against a need for diversification.
Rwanda is almost leading in city tourism among all other African countries but if examined in comparison to France, United States, Spain and China, the world’s leading tourist destinations in tourism city tourism inclusive Rwanda has not developed yet and has a lot to do for tourism in all sectors to flourish. It has been realized that a huge number of these country’s attractions are city based which has a roused huge international appetite to visit Paris, New York, Madrid and shanghai.

Although the listed cities are so great, there is hope that Rwanda could find a golden opportunity in what these cities do not have. The best example is the climate of Rwanda. Winter is always affecting most travelers to these countries which is not the case with Rwanda. Marketing Kigali’s warmth in comparison to freezing pensioners in Asia, Europe and America would be an opportunity to Rwanda and Kigali city as well.

It is true that in Rwanda, it does not matter whether it is a dry or rainy season in that there is always a natural equalizer that balances the heat and coldness making Kigali city a paradise. Many Europeans, Asians and Americans who have lived in Rwanda have really fallen in love with the city due to its favorable climate.

In conclusion therefore, for Rwanda to develop beyond the mountain gorillas, the Rwanda development board responsible for tourism should protect the environment, build leisure parks and holiday resorts, promote showbiz industry, relax local administrative regulations, ease city movement, maintain current security and involve locals in city planning so as to promote and diversify tourism in Rwanda.

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