kigali convention center

Kigali Convention Complex an absolute beauty in Kigali

Known as a front –row seat to the jungle, Rwanda is a landlocked country located in east Africa neighboring countries of Uganda, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi. It is called the Land of Thousand Hills due to the gentle sloping hills over the area and is the smallest compared to other east African countries.
The country is gearing to host the African Union summit this month of July 2016 in the newest facilities in Rwanda, the Kigali convention centre is a place for meeting which makes this event so interesting and special. More still, the design of the convention centre has evolved significantly over the past ten years impacted by changing economic conditions and the evolving expectations of meeting planners, building operators and convention attendees.

In addition to that, the Kigali convention centre is so much important and is a vital economic key stone drawing large scale conferences and ultimately national attention to Kigali capital city of Rwanda.

More important still, the convention centre helps to speed up the creation of global networks and sparks new business opportunities as it serves as a place used for exchanging views and sharing ideas, the convention centre also has a great significance in promoting professional and business development, academic and research exchange, technical development and cultural revolution which all promote development in Kigali and Rwanda as a whole.

Also, the convention centre will serve as a cash cow in Kigali having the capacity to host thousands of delegates in a single meeting room, strengthening Rwanda’s position as the country in striving to assert its self with success as the most ideal place to convene meetings of international nature. Apart from providing utilities, the centre serves as a national land mark featured with glass facades, suspended banners and mood lights decorated with unique colour schemes.

Concerning tourism development in Kigali Rwanda, the conventional centre benefits the tourism sector by filling hotels, supporting creation of other similar facilities, creating a greater destination exposure as well as promotion of international trade. It also attracts and enables large scale conferences, meetings, and prestigious social events with businesses becoming more international every year making a facility a must and not just an essential.

Also, it is an advantage for travelers to Kigali and Rwanda as a whole as they get the best treat and flexible services beyond their desires and aspirations. Kigali has become a top-notch city that brings people together, make them feel equally at ease, enable them do business with peace, and unwind when they want to. There is also superior infrastructure in all the city’s cosmopolitan areas and you would not expect potholed streets and garbage smells anywhere in the capital.

Still in Kigali, it is obvious to have a relaxed moment and catching up with the trendiest topics online is no big deal. Most of the joints across town have the Internet readily available. Rwanda’s focus on becoming a technological hub has allowed Kigali to have one of the most affordable internet in the region.
Important still, the City of Kigali has evolved from small pubs to fabulous hangouts fit for local and international stars status. The city has places where people meet in the evening for drinks and delicious bites accompanied by good and interesting entertainment that give travelers a memorable experience even after leaving the country.

In terms of transport in Rwanda, Kigali’s public transport network goes hand-in-hand with its growth, expansion and improvements. The city is served by modern buses and cars that offer round-the-clock, cheap and safe means of transport that allow people to move with ease in both their work and personal life.
Also, motorists in the city have been allowed to have smooth rides all day long and the rare cases of traffic jams are swiftly controlled The new bus station in town is another development that brings glamour due to its great design that make one more likely to think of modern electric train stations due to its innovative and stylish architecture.

Conclusively, Kigali seems to be heading to the bigger league of world capitals all because of the hard work from the government and the people of Rwanda with no any magical trick. Also ,Kigali is one of the cleanest, greenest, safest and most beautiful cities in the world which continue to put the country on the global map having the convention centre as another ‘plus’ to the beautiful Land of a Thousand Hills.

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