How other species and the community are benefiting from mountain gorilla conservation

gorilla conservation

Mountain gorilla conservation is a key concept in protecting both the gorillas and other species that live within their habitats. The surrounding local communities are now also benefiting directly from the initiative through employment and more. It is through gorilla conservation that amazing tourist experiences like gorilla trekking and gorilla habituation have been made possible. … Read more

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Guide

Rwanda Gorilla Safaris

Rwanda is a popular gorilla safari destination in Africa. The small country of a thousand hills receives high number of travelers coming to visit the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. The land locked country is of the three destinations where mountain gorillas live. The other two destinations to see gorillas are Uganda and … Read more

Advantages of Group Safaris

Group safaris

Safaris can be private of group depending on what the traveler wants. Group safaris entail joining a team of other travelers (10 and above) some of whom you will meet for the first time in your travel life. Whereas some people especially the introverts love private tours, group safaris are best for extroverts. If you … Read more

Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Gorilla Safari to Africa

Guide to gorilla safari bookings

Planning a gorilla trekking safari to Africa is an extensive task for most first time travelers. YES, the process entails booking permits, accommodation, transport, guides and many more, which is normally challenging. Have you stared on the gorilla safari booking process? Well, ensure to avoid common mistakes which previous travelers made. Gorilla Trek Africa, the … Read more

How to Travel Safely in Uganda

Most travelers visiting Uganda are concerned with how on how to travel safely to Uganda. Well, safety travel is a broad topic that comprises health, life, belongings and money safeguarding and security. In a third world country like Uganda, tourists are always sceptical about their safety and security while travelling. This is why “is it … Read more

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

The Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (MGNP) is located in Kisoro district in far South Western Uganda. It was gazzeted as a National Park in 1991 by the Ugandan government through the Uganda Wildlife Authority to preserve wildlife in the park especially the endangered Mountain gorilla, this has made gorilla trekking activities in the Park to … Read more