Our Safari Vehicles

At Africa Adventure Safaris (AAS), we guarantee our clients safe and comfortable transport to and within all tourism destinations. AAS owns a fleet of over 40 safari vehicles all in new model which guarantee you safe travel despite of African bumpy roads. Before the start of every trip, our safari vehicles are taken for service t keep them in good state making your travel memorable. The seating capacity range from 2 seater to 10 seater depending on the travelers choice and the number of people traveling together. Whether you have a short or long trip in Africa, AAS assures you of safe and comfortable means of transport to meet and exceed your expectations.


Features of our Safari vehicles

  • First aid kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Seat belts.
  • Enough leg room
  • Fridge
  • Popup
  • secure lock to each seat

Pick a vehicle of your Choice

Gorilla Trek Africa

Land cruiser

These carry four to six people in a forward facing direction. Land cruisers also travel safe on rough terrain and for long distances. Also, most of our land cruiser vehicles are 4X4’s which make a safari very comfortable hence an interesting experience. Foe safety, our land cruiser vehicles have fire extinguishers, first aid kit, air bags and seat belts. They also have fridges to keep drinks cold and safe.

Overland trucks:

These are mostly used by a large group of travelers probably 12 and above in numbers. They are fit for rough, slippery and muddy Africa roads with potholes and the like. The truck selected depending on the area to be visited and the terrain to be visited. The seats can be turned into forward facing, side facing or else back warding facing for comfort. The windows are transparent and large enough for great views. They can be opened horizontally and vertically for photography hence a memorable experience.

Toyota super custom

This is used for large groups of travelers 6 and above. Interestingly, our super custom cars are very comfortable with curtains, seat belts, a fridge, air bags, first aid kit and fire extinguisher.