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Rwanda Promotes Her Tourism Products In China

Aimed at attracting an increased number of Chinese travelers to Rwanda, the Rwanda Development Board has made a step forward to market and promote her tourism products in China. Marketing started in October 2018 when Rwanda’s ambassador in China attended a tourism exhibition showing case all Rwanda tourism products and explaining features that make Rwanda an exceptional tourism and investment destination. The marketing event took place at Rwanda premises in Beijing where a number of people especially Chinese were given a chance to look at Rwanda’s natural endowments. Among Rwanda’s tourism products that were exhibited are cultural dances where Rwandese performed different Rwanda traditional dances and poems, which tell the history of Rwanda and different cultural norms that bring all people of Rwanda together. Also, different tourism videos with paintings and picture exhibitions that describe Rwanda tourism packages like a landscape; wildlife and mountain gorillas among others were also shown. In his speech, the ambassador of Rwanda to China introduced Rwanda and its surrounding region describing it as one of the most naturally endowed regions of Africa. The ambassador also disclosed how Rwanda ranks among the top ten safest countries in the world, which guarantee travelers safety and their properties during their stay in the land of a thousand hills. Safety makes Rwanda the best place for investments and other related businesses.

The incredible biodiversity comprised of wildlife, beautiful landscapes, stripping plains and rain forests make your Rwanda safari extra ordinary. Among the key Rwanda tourism products that were showed case in China include:

Volcanoes national park

Located in northwestern Rwanda, Volcanoes National park is a first stop for all Rwanda safaris. The national park is home to the critically endangered mountain gorillas, which attract the highest number of tourist arrivals to Rwanda. To make trekking easy, 10 gorilla families have been habituated for trekking and each family is visited by a group of eight people per day. Volcanoes are one of the four national parks which shelter mountain gorillas together with Virunga national park in Congo, Bwindi forest and Mgahinga gorilla national parks in Uganda. A single gorilla permit in Rwanda costs $1500 which make it a luxury gorilla tour destination in the east and central Africa. The park is also home to golden monkeys. Forest elephants, bush pigs, and different bird species, which together make your safari exceptional.

Akagera national park

Located in south eastern Rwanda, Akagera is Rwanda’s only savannah national park a home to the big five game. Game driving in the open grasses of Akagera park reward travelers with spectacular views of animals such as elephants, lions, giraffes, buffalos, hippos, leopards, rhinos, waterbucks, impalas and warthogs among others. The recent introduction of black rhinos and lions from south Africa make Akagera national park the best spot for big five game. Game viewing is well done in the morning and evening hours to catch up with animals grazing and predators hunting before they retire to rest.

Nyungwe forest national park

Nyungwe forest national park is a conserved rain forest in southwestern Rwanda. The rain forest is a home to famous chimpanzees, which are the close relative to human beings. Chimpanzee trekking is the most done activity in Nyungwe forest national park at c sot of $100 for a chimpanzee trekking permit. Also, Nyungwe forest is a spot for canopy walking, which reward travelers with an aerial view of the forest, wildlife, local communities, Virunga volcanoes and attractions in neighboring countries. Besides chimpanzees, Nyungwe is home to over 13 primate species, 85 mammals, 310bird species, 38 reptiles, 1068 bird species, and 32 amphibians. Chinese were therefore called upon to visit Nyungwe Forest and experience the fresh feeling of being in a natural environment as well as enjoying all the beauty nature has blessed Nyungwe forest with. Travelers to Nyungwe forest visit different waterfalls within the forest as well the source of R. Nile the world’s longest river. Primates in Nyungwe forest include common chimpanzees, Ruwenzori Colobus, L’Hoest monkeys, Hamlyn’s monkey, red-tailed monkey, vervet monkey, Dent’s Mona monkey, Olive baboon and the grey checked Mangabey among others.

Lake Kivu

A relaxing trip on the shores of lake kivu makes your safari to Rwanda a complete package. After long hours of driving and hiking, travelers are advised to save some time, chill at the shores of the lake and enjoy the scenic topography and serene water. For swimmers, Lake kivu is the best place for swimming with freshwaters free from pollution. Lake Kivu is also free from dangerous water animals, which assure travelers of their safety.

Local cuisine

A taste on Rwanda’s local food will make your Rwanda safari a memorable experience. Rwanda cuisine comprises of bananas, plantains, pulses, sweet potatoes, beans, cassava, Ugali, Isombe, mashed cassava, dried fish, goat, and different millet products.

In conclusion, therefore, Rwanda offers it all to meet and exceed your travel expectations. Book a Rwanda safari, explore all the beauties in the land of a thousand hills, taste the delicious cuisine of Rwanda and enjoy your stay in the land of a thousand hills.

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