The Community tourism model in Rwanda is admired

This community model involves local communities surrounding the different tourists sites to benefit from the tourism activity within their vicinity . This is through encouraging the locales to participate in the different tourism activities like cultural dances, drama, folklore or teaching tourists how to prepare local dishes, and traditional medicine. This method of communal development … Read more

Primates in Uganda

Primates in Uganda are among the most social animals, forming pairs or family groups. Uganda has a diversity of primates, unlike any other East African country e.g. gorillas, chimpanzees and monkeys. These primates have slower rates of development than other mammals since infants are breastfed by their mothers and rely on them for grooming and … Read more

Rwanda Gets U.S. $49million From Meets

The Rwandan tourism sector has managed to collect over $49million from conference tourism and the country is hoping to triple this by the year 2016. “Rwanda is becoming an attraction for conference tourism. Recently the country held the African Development Bank meeting, which is contributing to more revenue from the sector,” Head of Tourism and … Read more