What’s the cost of a Uganda Safari?

The fact that Uganda safaris have presently become a priority for most travelers coming for holidays in Africa, a breakdown of Uganda safari costs is a commonly asked question by most travelers intending to visit the pearl of Africa. Well, there is no specific cost of all Uganda safaris but it all depends on various factors. The pearl of Africa offers you an unlimited choice of exceptional tourist activities and attractions which all call for a different cost but offering you a memorable experience. The beautiful landscapes, endangered wild animals, birds, hospitable people, conducive weather and peace in Uganda make this small country a first stop center for all African Safaris. Interestingly Gorilla Trek Africa is at your service, we tailor-make for you a Uganda tour package suitable to meet and satisfy your travel time and budget. The top visited attractions in Uganda include mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, big game, local cultures, local cuisine, birds, mountains, lakes and historical site among others. The cost of Uganda safaris is determined by e the following factors:

Tourist activities in the itinerary

Queen Elizabeth NP

Game Viewing in Queen Elizabeth NP

Your Uganda safari cost will depend on which tourist activities you intend to do. Some activities are undeniably expensive than the others hence calling for a high cost. Are you planning to trek mountain gorillas in Bwindi forest or Mgahinga gorilla national parks, you will definitely high. Gorilla trekking is so far the most expensive tourist activity in Uganda costing $600 to be increased to $700 in July 2020 for a single gorilla permit. You must, therefore, put a site the $600 ($700) for only a permit exclusive of other costs. If you want to go for chimpanzee trekking, the adventure calls for $200, lion tracking costs $50, Batwa cultural trail costs $80, golden monkey trekking costs $100 while entrance fees to all savannah parks (Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Kidepo Valley, Lake Mburo National park and Semuliki Valley National parks is $40. Therefore the cost of your trip will depend on the kind of activities in your travel itinerary. All activity costs and park entrance fees are set by the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), a government body responsible for tourism and wildlife conservation in the pearl of Africa. More so, the money for all activities is paid to UWA and is used to support conservation protects and promote more tourism products in Uganda.

Travel operators markup

Besides buying permits and paying park entrance fees, you must pay a travel operator who helps arrange the trip. Each travel operator will charge you differently depending on his or her own way of working. Therefore different travel operators charge differently for the same trip. Gorilla Trek Africa will offer you a memorable safari experience at affordable and negotiable rates without compromising the quality of the service.

The choice of accommodation

Where to Sleep in Bwindi

Luxury Accommodation in Bwindi Forest

Besides the activities, your Uganda safari cost will also depend on your choice of accommodations. Accommodation in Uganda is categorized as Luxury, mid-range and budget each calling fro a different costing. Luxury accommodations are the upmarket and expensive choice for luxury travelers; mid-range calls for a medium amount while the budget is the cheapest suitable for low-income earners. Interestingly each tourism destination in Uganda has both luxuries, mid-range and budget choice of accommodation for you to book the one suitable for your budget. Interestingly, all accommodations categories offer classic food and sleeping services. A team of experienced and hospitable staff at these lodges/ hotels works together to ensure quality and timely service delivery system. Examples of luxury lodges in Uganda include Apoka game Lodge, Mweya Safari Lodge, Bwindi Forest Lodge; Mahogany springs Lodge, Mihingo Lodge, Kyaninga Lodge, Gahinga Lodge, and Acacia Lodge among others.

The length of a trip

The longer the trip, the higher the cost. It's definite that a trip of many days will cost higher compared to a trip of 1 or 2 Days holding other factors constant. Obviously, a longer trip will entail numerous tourist activities and attractions each paid for. Also, long safaris require different accommodation services at a cost. If you have limited income, therefore, consider doing a short trip to avoid higher charges.

The number of people on a safari

Group tours are generally cheap compared to private tours. Travelers in a group share costs of accommodation and transport unlike in a private trip where a solo traveler will pay all bills alone. Also, group call for discounted room services in lodges/hotels, which is not a case with private tours. Your Uganda safari cost will, therefore, be high or low depending on the number of people you will be traveling with.

Other Inclusions in Uganda safari costing are ground transport, enroute meals, bottled drinking water, guide fees, miscellaneous and government taxes among others.

Contact Gorilla Trek Africa, get a detailed breakdown of your Uganda safari cost and enjoy the natural beauty of Africa’s Pearl at affordable rates with unparalleled value.

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