Travel tips for solo women

Travel Tips for Women

Traveling is amusing for everyone and women are not an exception. The world has numerous treasures to uncover only when one gets out of his/her comfort zone. Just like men, women have a right to penetrate the impenetrable Bwindi forest to trek gorilla, hike to the top of Mt Everest and Camp at the summit of Nyiragongo Volcano with a boiling lava lake before death strikes. Are you an independent woman, step out, get your backpack and travel the world. Unlike in the past when women were hesitant to travel, the trend has changed and today women travel a lot more like men. Everything is possible with passion. Getaway with your fears, wonder in the world and experience magical moments that you will live to remember. It's fun exploring new places, meeting new people, tasting new foods and staying in a home outside home. At times, traveling solo can be obviously intimidating especially for first time solo female travelers. However, Gorilla Trek Africa is here to guide you. We bring you top travel tips for women. Read them, understand and you will enjoy your trip with no difficulty.

Do not over drink

Tips for female solo travelers

Take a glass of wine

As a solo woman traveler, limit your drinking while on a safari. You can opt to take a cappuccino and a simple glass of wine. Drinking too much may make you lose your mind exposing you to all kinds of harm. If you have made new female friends at the hostel, hang out with them but mind your drinking. Taking too much alcohol on a trip may ruin your whole travel experience. Avoid it

Pack a hair conditioner

Do you want to preserve your hair, do not forget to pack your hair conditioner to keep your natural hair in a good state. Much as some hotels provide conditioners for women, you may miss out on your favorite conditioner. Trying new things you have never used may destroy your hair if not properly used. In addition to hair conditioner, carry enough toiletries to keep you fresh, safe and smart.

Stay in female hostels

You will find lots of hostels in the wilderness some of which are mixed (men and women). However, opt to stay in a female hostel for your comfort and security. Staying in a female dormitory or hostel gives you a chance to meet and interact with other female travelers with whom you share experiences, life stories and have fun. The lots of stories, life experiences, travel memories and wine drinking that you share with your fellow women make your travel experience exceptional.

Pack your valuables independently

Have two backpacks, one for valuable and the other for your clothes, toiletries and the like. The bag for valuable should contain extra money, lotion, laptops, phones, chargers, hard drives, passports, emergency medicine, and other travel documents. Never put your valuables in the checked luggage. When you reach the lodge, put your valuables in a locked safe in your room or keep them with a hotel manager or any other responsible staff at your hotel, lodge or hostel. For example, do not hike to see gorillas with your passports and the like.

Carry extra cash

Female solo travelers

Carry extra money

Even after paying for everything on a trip, remember to carry extra cash for any emergency. This can be for shopping, tipping and any other miscellaneous. The recommended amount is between $100 to $200 to make sure you are on a safe side. If you are doing any shopping in a developing country, endeavor to have local currency for that country and payment must be by cash. The safe place to keep this money may be in a ChapStick bottle or else roll it in a pill bottle.

Have travel insurance

Insurance is one of the key essentials every traveler should have. It’s pretty obvious that anything can happen on a trip, which requires an insurance cover-up. Insurance will cater to all your expenses in case anything like luggage theft, sickness, accident, death and food poisoning on the trip.

Keep you family and friends updated

Make sure you keep your family updated about you. Upload pictures on your Facebook, Instagram for your people to confirm you are safe and fine. If calls can go through, ring your people and update them about the trip.

Carry your contraceptives

If you have a long trip, be ready with your contraceptives to deal with cramps and monthly flows when it comes. If you normally have painful cramps, we advise you to take a contraceptive pill that will stop your periods on a trip. Among the optional contraceptive methods to use on backpacking, the safari includes the IUD; implant Rod and pills among others. If you are planning a very long safari, check with your doctor to confirm the right choice of contraceptive fit for your body.

Track your route

When using a taxi, Boda or Uber, make sure you track the location you are headed to. Make sure the driver is taking the right direction, which shows on your Google map. Check the location of your destination; observe the neighborhood and streets to avoid being taken advantage of by a rider/driver. Tracking your route also gives you the estimated time you are to spend. If you are using an Uber, make sure the meter is turned on to avoid being cheated.

Pack yoga pants and leggings

Avoid packing jeans and heavy clothes, which fill up your bag. Women are advised to carry Yoga pants and leggings, which are light and can roll up small making it easier for you.

Learn some local language

Yes, make sure you learn a few words in the local language of the area you are visiting. At least learn greetings and how to ask for directions. The knowledge of single local words can make a difference in your trip. You can easily walk through the city with courage ad confidence. These greetings can be learned online before the trip or at your hotel.

Generally, women have a right to travel the world with no fear, no limit, and no hindrance. Get your back today, get out of your comfort zone, get on a plane and explore the world. For any African travel advice and bookings, Gorilla Trek Africa, the number one travel company is at your service.

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