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Planning a gorilla safari to Uganda, Rwanda or Congo? No worries, Gorilla Trek Africa offers you first-hand gorilla trekking tips to ensure enjoyable and memorable mountain gorilla watching experience in the jungle. Gorilla trekking is presently a dream come true for most travelers to Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. The world has 1004 mountain gorillas residing in the jungles of Bwindi forest, Mgahinga, Volcanoes, and Virunga national parks. Before confirming any gorilla trips, travelers are advised to understand and master gorilla trekking tips if their encounter with these gentle giants is to be successful. Our list of gorilla tracking tips includes among others:

Secure gorilla permit as early as possible
A gorilla permit is a password to see mountain gorillas. Travelers are advised to book and secure gorilla permits as early as 5 months before the trekking date. A gorilla permit is a guarantee to visit and track gorillas in the respective gorilla destination. Gorilla ticket prices vary from county to country. at present Rwanda sells gorilla permits most expensively a$1500, Uganda at $600 and Congo at $450 per permit. Permits are issued out by respective government bodies responsible for tourism and conservation in a country. These bodies are Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) in Uganda, Rwanda Development Board (RDB) in Rwanda and the Institute Congolais Pour la Conservation de la Nature in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Travelers are required to pay 30% of the total gorilla permit cost as booking, which help reserve and secure permit saving them disappointments and last tie hustles.

Dress right fro the jungle:
Having the right jeer attire for gorilla trekking should be your number one consideration when planning a gorilla tour. Dress code to trek gorillas
The advised dress code for the jungle include:
• Hiking boots to ease movements through muddy slippery forest grounds
• Gardening hand gloves to protect from thorny rough forest shrubs and thorny bushes
• Rain jackets/sweaters to deal with the unpredictable forest weather
• Long pants to protect from bites by ground insects
• Long sleeved shirts and browsers to protect tour arms from thorny bushes
• Sunglasses/hat to protect from direct sun
• Scuff

Follow trekking rules and regulations
At the start of every trekking session, travelers are introduced and guided on the trekking rules and regulations. These rules are put to ensure the safety of endangered gorillas and travelers. Gorilla trekking rules include among others:
• Keep a distance of 7 meters away from gorillas
• Do not trek gorillas when sick
• Do not touch gorillas
• Do not feed gorillas
• Do not throw rubbish in the jungle
• Do not use flashlight cameras to take gorilla pictures
• Do not run when gorillas charge
• Keep within your groups
• Do not look directly into the eyes of gorillas

Pack Enough Food and Drinks
Remember to carry enough drinking water and energy giving snacks while going for gorilla trekking.what to pack for gorilla trekking. Energy giving food and drinks keep you strong and energetic during the trekking session. Mountain gorillas are free animals, which wander in the jungle with no limit. Some times, these gentle giants hike up to high altitudinal areas, which make trekking quite difficult and time-consuming. Enough water and energy giving snacks keep you moving and strong till the end of trekking.

Hire a porter
However much hiring a porter id optional, travelers are advised to hire one. Hiking up and down hills through thick slippery jungles of Bwindi and other gorilla parks is often not a walk away. Porters help to carry travelers’ baggage throughout the trekking session, which makes it quite easy. Also, porters help to hold travelers hands providing support when grounds are slippery. Hiring a porter also help to improve the standards of living for local people who earn a living from portering.

Charges you cameras full
Taking photographs and capturing live mountain gorilla videos is one thing you cannot miss on your gorilla encounter. It’s only the photos that you take back after gorilla trekking. Travelers are therefore reminded to fully charge cameras to avoid any camera blackout during gorilla watching. Running out of camera battery is a nightmare a traveler can ever have during gorilla trekking.

Disclose your fitness to park rangers
In Bwindi forest, gorilla trekking is divided into short, medium and hard treks depending on the location of mountain gorillas. The allocation of gorilla families is based on the client’s ability to hike. Physically fit travelers are given hard gorilla families while the physically challenged travelers are given short time gorilla treks. Disclosing your physical ability, therefore, helps you trek a gorilla family fit for you.

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