Rwigi Gorilla Family in Bwindi Forest

Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park of recent officially launched a new gorilla family for trekking. Rwigi is a newly habituated gorilla family in Rushaga sector south of Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park. The new gorilla family is a break away from Kahungye family also found in Rushaga sector of Bwindi. Travelers to Bwindi forest can now visit the new family for fresh and memorable mountain gorilla trekking experiences. Rwigi, formerly one of the three dominant silver backs in Kahungye family is now the head of Rwigi gorilla group.

How was the family started?
Like said already, Rwigi gorilla groups is a breakaway from Kahungye family. Rwigi “the now dominant silverback” who after misunderstandings with other silverbacks in Kahungye family decided to make his own family. Rwigi silverback fought hard and took a way some adult female and juveniles to make a new family now “Rwigi gorilla group”. The family currently has six members comprised of 1 silverback, 3 adult females, 1 baby and two juveniles.

Trekking Rwigi gorilla group
To visit and track Rwigi family, you must first rescue a gorilla permit in Rushaga sector. Gorilla permit booking can be done direct with Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) or through Africa Adventure Safaris, the number one travel company in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Travelers are advised to book as early as six months in advance for early planning and to avoid any last time disappointments. In addition, you are required to pay 30% deposit booking fee to be sure the permit has indeed been reserved.

How to get to Rwigi family
Rwigi family can be reached from Kigali to Entebbe depending on where the client’s starting point. A transfer from Kigali Rwanda to Rushaga sector is the easiest way, which take roughly 4 hours drive through Cyanika, border in Kisoro district. Those traveling from Kampala require roughly 10 hours drive through Kampala Masaka Mbarara kabale kisoro route. A 3 Days gorilla tour in Uganda is therefore the best travel itinerary for those trekking Rwigi family from Kampala/Entebbe. If you have a short trip, opt for a 1-Day Uganda gorilla trek through Kigali. Here you wakeup at 3:00am, drive four hours to Bwindi, trek gorillas and transfer back to Kigali in the evening.

Other gorilla families in Rushaga sector
Rwigi gorilla group has become Rushaga’s sixth gorilla family available for trekking. The other gorilla families in Rushaga sector include Bweza family, Mishaya family, Busingye family, Nshongi Family and Kahungye gorilla family. Besides, Rushaga has two more gorilla families undergoing habituation process. These are Bikyingi and Bushaho gorilla families, which will be open soon for trekking. Eight people everyday hence 48 gorilla permits available for trekking everyday visit each gorilla family. For the Habituation experience, each family is visited by four people hence 8 permits available everyday.

Where to sleep in Rushaga
Several accommodation facilities have been established in Rushaga sector to serve travelers with first class food and sleeping services. These lodges offer luxury, midrange and budget services depending on the traveler’s budget and choice. The top lodges in Rushaga sector include gorilla safari lodge, Ichumbi lodge, Chameleon hill and Rushaga gorilla Camp among others.

Trekking Rules and Regulations
Endeavor to follow trekking rules and regulation as instructed by the park ranger during he pre trekking briefing. The dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking include among others:
• Keep a distance of seven meters away from gorillas
• Keep low tone
• Keep within the groups (Do not move alone in the jungle)
• Do not throw rubbish in the jungle
• Do not touch gorillas

Gorilla trekking packing lists
Travelers are also reminded to carry appropriate stuff to ensure successful and enjoyable gorilla encounter. Among the things o to pack include hiking boots, Gardening gloves, sun glasses, hat, insect repellant, long pants, long sleeved shirts, rain jackets and enough drinking water.
An encounter with Rwigi gorilla family in Rushaga sector of Bwindi guarantees you a memorable experience. Book a Uganda gorilla trip to Bwindi, meet face to face with gorillas and be part of this enjoyable experience.
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