Rwanda & Uganda CoronaVirus Travel Advisory

The spread of Coronavirus has shaken most economies including tourism industry. Travels across the globe especially to and from countries mainly China and Italy have been canceled and postponed. The epidemic has greatly affected tours and travel industry in Uganda and Rwanda. Apparently, most trips to trek gorillas in Volcanoes Park and Bwindi Impenetrable park have been canceled, postponed while some travelers are even asking or refund!. However, in this tragedy, travelers are assured of a stable tourism sector in the near future. Travelers are highly requested to Postpone and not cancel trips in order to save tourism in Africa and the whole world. Gorilla Trek Africa brigs you the travel advisory for Corona Virus in Uganda and Rwanda. The instructions are highly applicable to those coming into Uganda or Rwanda. They include:
1. Every traveler arriving at the airport (Kigali international airport or Entebbe International Airport) must be screened before he/she travels freely across the countries
2. Any traveler who shows anyone symptom of Coronavirus is a suspect and he or she will be put in isolation at any nearest hospital for investigations and laboratory testing.
3. Any traveler who tests positive with Coronavirus is immediately sent to the COVID19 treatment Centre.
4. Travelers who test negative are required to register for an active follow up. Travelers are asked to provide valid identification and go for daily check-ups and monitoring for 14 days at a place of self-quarantine.
5. Any suspect in the self-quarantine situation must wear a mask at all times and isolate him/herself from other people in and out of that place.
6. The ASMPOMATIC traveler who will be coming from countries affected with Coronavirus will be considered at risk. He/she will be recorded and given electronic tools to keep monitoring daily for 14 days from the time he/she left the country affected with Coronavirus.
7. While in Kigali, the Rwanda Ministry of Health has ordered a frequent hand washing using soap and water. Coronavirus cannot survive in places with water. Hand washing gadgets have been put in all major places with public facilities including at the bus terminals.
8. Also, all public gatherings have been banned in Kigali city for the meantime until further notice.
9. Al public gatherings that were scheduled before have been canceled
10. For travelers and tour operators who had booked for gorilla permits, cancellations and postponements are allowed at no fee within the period of 2 years.

While addressing the nation on 18th March 2020, president Museveni passed the following note in regard to the prevention of Corona Virus in Uganda.

Summary from the Presidential address

1. All primary, secondary, tertiary, vocational schools and universities closed temporarily for one month.
2. All church and religious gatherings suspended with immediate effect.
– Pray from your homes since God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent & Omniscient
3. Political or cultural public meetings are all forbidden for 32 days with immediate effect.
4. All outbound movement by Ugandans to or through the countries affected by Covid 19 is banned.
5. Ugandans abroad are not stopped from coming home but must undergo mandatory quarantine
6. Nonagricultural and workplace eg factories, offices, markets, parks etc
Will continue but with procedures of dos and don ts put up by the ministry of health
7. Ugandan style weddings that bring together many people discontinued.
The only people allowed will be
bagole, bestman, matron, priest, assistant only etc
Less than 10 people to be allowed for now
8. Funerals
Burial done by nearby relatives then the mourning will be postponed and rituals done later.
If the dead person died of Covid 19 the state will carry out the burial.
9. Public Transport
Will continue but under strict MOH guidelines
10. Discos, concerts, bivulu and the likes are banned for 30 days
11. Monthly or weekly markets are suspended for 30 days

African Countries with Reported Coronavirus Cases

Since the outbreak, nine African countries have registered cases of Coronavirus. Among the already affected African countries include Morocco, Nigeria, Algeria, Egypt, Cameroon, Tunisia, Senegal, and South Africa.
All Rwanda air flights to China and other West African countries have been suspended till further to prevent any spread of the Coronavirus.
Conclusively, Rwanda and Uganda are still free from Coronavirus. Book your African safari today, visit Uganda and Rwanda for gorilla trekking and enjoy this lifetime experience with Gorilla Trek Africa.

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