Rwanda deploys robots to fight covid19

Rwanda Deploys Robots to Fight Covid19

While all countries are doing all things possible to prevent the spread of the deadly corona Virus, Rwanda has come up with something technical and new. YES, Rwanda deployed robots to help in the fight of Corona Virus, a deadly pandemic that has brought all business to a stand still. The robots in Rwanda were donated by the United Nations development Program (UNDP). Kanyinya treatment center received the robots with excitement and celebrations. Kanyinya is the treatment center for Corona Virus patients in Rwanda located in Kigali City. The major purpose for the introduction of the 5 Smart Anti Epidemic robots was to fasten the health service delivery system in Rwanda and also protect the medical wonders who are vulnerable to the deadly virus

About Rwanda’s Covid19 Robots

Rwanda to use robot in fighting Covid19

A robot addressing officials in Rwanda

The robots were given Kirwanda names, which are Urumuri, Ngabo, Akazuba and Mwiza. Among the works performed by the smart robots include:
1. Mass temperature screening
2. Monitoring Covid19 patients
3. Keeping records of all Corona Virus patients in Rwanda
4. Notify health officials on duty about new detectives
5. Deliver food to the patients in their wards
6. Bring medications to Covid19 patients

The current state of Corona Virus in Rwanda

Rwanda recorded her first corona Virus positive case in Marc 2020. Since then, the country as recorded a total of 369 positive cases with 244 recoveries and no death. Congratulations to Rwanda Ministry of Health for the great work done. The country was in lockdown with all business and public transport closed for the close to 2 months. However on 4th May 2020, the government eased the lockdown by allowing public transport within Kigali city and also allowing essential workers to report back to work. Public transport were allowed to operate on condition that they carry a specified minimum number of clients each passenger with a face mask.

Post Covid19 Rwanda safaris

Shortly after the defeat of the deadly Corona Virus, Rwanda gorillas and wildlife safaris will resume to operate as before. Potential travelers are advised to keep ready, postpone their gorilla trips and other wildlife experiences already booked in order to save tourism in this land of a thousand hills. Mountain gorilla trekking is the most done tourist activity in Rwanda. Other top travel activities in Rwanda include chimpanzee trekking, golden monkey trekking, bird watching, canopy walk, Kigali city tour, Karisimbi volcano hiking, game viewing and cultural tours among others. All these will resume soon to offer you a memorable Rwanda safari experience.

World fight against Covid19

Apparently, the whole world is fighting the spread of the deadly corona Virus that started in December 2019 in China. Since then, the deadly pandemic has spread like wild fire to all countries all over the world. For the last five months, Corona Virus has claimed millions and infecting many more. Firstly, all international flights and border crossing by water and road travelers were suspended to stop the spread of the virus across countries. More so, all tourist destinations especially for the endangered primates were closed to protect the endangered primates from catching the deadly virus.

The introduction of robots in Rwanda will ease the fight against Covid19. Congratulations and good luck for the Ministry of Rwanda in fighting the deadly Virus.

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