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Park Entrance Fees To Uganda National Parks

It’s wise to know how much entrance fees are charged in each Uganda national park. Uganda Wildlife Authority put charges to entre each protected area and these costs vary from park to park. Also, the park entrance fees vary depending on the status of traveler (foreign nonresidents, foreign residents and Eat African Citizens). Also, the price for adults, children pupils, students, Uganda wildlife clubs, and tertiary institutions differ. More so, the annual park entrance passes are charged according to an individual, couple, family of four people maximum, safari guide, taxi driver and tour company drivers, Vehicles and boats are also charged differently plus ferry crossing and aircraft landing. The National park entrance fees in Uganda are as follows:

Category A

This includes Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth, and Lake Mburo National park charge $40 for adult foreign nonresidents, $30 for foreign residents ad 20,000 UGX for East African residents, while children pay $20 for foreign non-residents, $10 for foreign residents and 5000UGX for children. Uganda pupils to these mentioned national parks pay UGX 3000; Tertiary institution students pay 5,000UGX while Uganda wildlife Club pay UGX 2000.

Travelers to Bwindi Forest National park, Mgahinga Gorilla Park and Kibale Forest National park pay for gorilla and chimpanzee permits which is inclusive of the park entrance fees.

Category B

This category includes Mt Rwenzori National park, Semuliki National Park, Mt Elgon National Park, Toro Semuliki, Katonga reserve, and Pain Upe reserve charge US$35 for friend nonresidents, US$ 25 for foreign residents and UGX 150,000 for East African residents. Children are charged $5 for foreign non-residents, $5 for foreign residents and 2,500 for East Africans while Uganda pupils/students and groups pay UGX 1,500 each.

Category C

The category entails most game reserves which include Ajai, Bakora, Bugungu, East Madi, Kabwoya, Karuma, Kigezi, Kyambura, and Matheniko game reserves charge US$ 10 for foreign nonresidents, US$ 5 for foreign residents and UGX for East African Residents.
The annual Park Entrance Passes cost as follows
Individual--------------------------USD $350 for foreign residents & UGX 150,000 for east African residents

Couple------------------------------USD$ 500 for foreign residents & UGX for East African residents

Family (Maximum 4 children) --------------------USD$700 for foreign residents & UGX300,000 for east African residents

Annual Corporate Pass----------------------------USD$ 1500 for foreign residents & UGX 250,000 for East Africans

Safari Guide who is a professional, trained and licensed ------------------- UGX 100,000 for East Africans
Taxi Driver --------------------UGX 100,000 for East Africans
Tour company drivers from a recognized travel company enter the park for free
NOTE: The above charges apply to all protected areas, national parks and game reserves in Uganda. The fee does not include permits for gorilla trekking, mountain hiking, chimpanzee trekking, hiking, and other activities in the park. Foreign residents MUST present a valid work permit for identity and clarification.

Vehicle, Boat, Aircraft: Entry and Landing Fees
Launch cruise at Murchison Falls
Registration-------------------------- Foreign | Ugandan Registered
Charges ---------------------------------US$ |US$ | UGX

Motorcycles---------------------------- 30 5 10,000
Saloon Cars -----------------------------40 10 20,000
Minibusses, Omni Buses -----------------50 15 30,000
Pickups-----------------------------------50 15 30,000
Tour Company Vehicles-------------------150 15 30,0000
Over landers------------------------------150 50 100,000
Buses & Lorries---------------------------150 75 150,000
School Buses --------------------------------- 25 50,000
Delivery Vehicle per entry-------------------------- 10 20,000
Boats up to 15 seater-----------------------50 25 50,000
Lunches over 15 seater---------------------50 25 150,000
Parking fees for boast per day 10,000

Launch Cruise/Canoe/Motorboats

Launch cruise takes roughly 2 hours taking a maximum of 45 people in Murchison Falls National Park and 40 people in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The small boat, which carries 4 people, costs $120 for foreigners and 120,000 for Ugandans. The rates for the launch cruise in Murchison Falls National Park is USD$30 for foreign non-residents, USD$30 for foreign residents and UGX for East African Citizens. in Queen Elizabeth National Park, it costs USD$ 30 for Foreign nonresidents, USD$ 30 for foreign residents and 30,000 for East African Citizens, Lake Mburo National Park boat cruise costs USD$ 30 for foreign nonresident, USD$ for Foreign residents and UGX 30,000 for East African citizens. School groups per person pays UGX10,000 and UGX350,000 per group.


Passenger’s En route passengers who spend less than 2 hours in the park do not pay the park entrance fees pay aircraft landing fee separate from the entry fees payable. The aircraft landing fees are:

Registration-------------------------- Foreign | Ugandan Registered
Charges ----------------------------------US$ |US$ | UGX
Gliders, Micro lights --------------------10 10 20,000
Up to 3 seater-----------------------------20 20 40,000
4-6 Seater---------------------------------30 30 60,000
7-14 Seater--------------------------------40 40 80,000
15-20 Seater-------------------------------50 50 100,000
21 seats and above ----------------------60 60 120,000
Helicopter (per landing)------------------100 125 250,000
Parking fees per day--------------------------------------------10,0000

Entrance fees and parking fees in each national park are different. Travelers are advised to check what is required of them, confirm how much they are to pay to avoid any disruptions.

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