Gorilla Trekking in Africa

Gorilla Permit Information in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

A gorilla permit is a common word in gorilla safari bookings and trips. Actually a gorilla permit is a base of all gorilla safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. It determines whether a gorilla tour will be successful or not. Travelers booking gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo are asked to first confirm the availability of gorilla permits before confirming any trip. A gorilla permit is a password to see mountain gorillas in Bwindi Forest, Mgahinga, Volcanoes, and Virunga National Parks. No travelers will be allowed to trek gorillas without a gorilla permit. It’s MUST have for anyone traveling to see mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. At the start of every gorilla trekking day, travelers are asked to present and submit their gorilla permits to the respective park management. A gorilla permit comes with a receipt that bears the traveler’s name for confirmation. A gorilla permit is also referred to as a gorilla pass or a gorilla trekking ticket.

Gorillas permit costs

Yes, you ought to know the actual cost of a gorilla permit before booking a trip. There s no uniform cost of a gorilla permit but rather each country sets a different cost based on different reasons. At present, Rwanda sells the most expensive gorilla permits at $1500 all throughout. Uganda gorilla permits cost $700 for foreign non-residents, $600 for foreign residents and UGX for East African residents. In Congo, a gorilla permit costs $450 hence offering the cheapest gorilla permits in Africa. The low cost of gorilla permits in Congo makes it the best gorilla destination for budget travelers. However, the continuous civil conflict and political insecurities within Virunga National Park have continued to disrupt Congo gorilla safaris to Virunga National Park.

When to book for a gorilla permit

Gorilla permit booking is recommended at least 6 months in advance. Gorilla trekking is ranked the best wildlife experience in the world and the most done tourist activity on Africa Safaris. This has led to high demand for gorilla permits which limit the chances of those booking at the last minute. Gorilla permits are sold on a first come first serve basis. Travelers who book earlier stand high chances of getting permits compar5ed to those who do late bookings.

Can I own a gorilla permit?

NO, gorilla permits remain the property of the respective governments (Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo). Even after paying the full amount, travelers only posses but never own gorilla permits. During the pre gorilla trekking briefing, travelers are asked to submit permits to the park officials. No one is allowed to hike into the jungle with the permit.

When does the gorilla permit expire?

A gorilla permit in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo is valid for one day. The moment you set your eyes on gorillas, the permit expires there and then. However, if travelers fail to see mountain gorillas due to the distant location of gorillas or any other natural cause, travelers are given a second chance to trek gorillas the next day without paying again.

Where can I get a gorilla permit?

You can access gorilla permits directly with the respective government tourism bodies i.e Uganda Wildlife Authority in Uganda, Rwanda Development Board in Rwanda and ICCN in Congo. Alternatively, you can book through Gorilla Trek Africa, the number one gorilla safari company in East Africa. Online gorilla permit booking is also available in Uganda and Rwanda.

What if I cancel the trip?

Gorilla permits are not refundable whatsoever. Whether you have paid a deposit or full amount of a gorilla permit, NO refund for you if you cancel the trip. Travelers are therefore advised to be careful when booking to avoid unnecessary cancellations. However, if you have booked through Gorilla Trek Africa, we can help you switch a gorilla permit to upcoming clients and refund your money saving you the huge loss.

Can I change the gorilla trekking date?

Yes, you can change and update the gorilla trekking date if there is any need. However, rescheduling a gorilla permit comes at an extra cost charged by Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rwanda Development Board. However, gorilla permit rescheduling is possible if there are many days to the trekking date. Rescheduling few days to the actual day is not allowed. It will lead to the loss of money.

What are the other travel documents required

Travelers trekking to see mountain gorillas are asked to have other relevant travel documents to be able to see gorillas. These include Visas, passports, medical letters, Yellow fever vaccination certificate and a National Identity Card for Ugandans.
Conclusively, gorilla permits are essentials in gorilla trekking tours to Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. Contact Gorilla Trek Africa today, book and secure your gorilla permit to be part of this lifetime experience.

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