What to know before traveling to Rwanda

Seven Things You should Know Before Traveling to Rwanda

In the past decades, Rwanda has proved to be among the most visited travel destinations in East and the whole of Africa. The small landlocked country receive 1000 of travelers from all over the world to trek gorillas in Volcanoes Park, experience big five game in Akagera or visit the tropical Nyungwe Forest National Park for chimpanzee trekking and canopy walk. However, with the strike of the deadly Covid 19 pandemic, traveling to, within and from Rwanda has been highly restricted. For over 6 months in the year 2020, Rwanda Development Board and the government shut down visits to all national parks and protected areas of Rwanda. Towards end of 2020, the government reopened for tourism but with tight restrictions. This has continued to limit the number of incoming travelers visiting this land of a thousand hills. The government has pit measures that every traveler visiting Rwanda SHOULD know before leaving his/her origin. Gorilla Trek Africa, the leading travel agent in Rwanda brings you the top seven things you should know when traveling to Rwanda are:

1.Filing the passenger locator form before traveling

All travelers must fill a passenger locater form before traveling to Rwanda. More so, a travelers is required to upload a negative covid19 test certificate on the website of Rwanda Biomedical Centre (www.rbc.gov.rw.

2.A negative RT-PCR test is mandatory upon arrival

Its am must for everyone arriving in Rwanda to present a negative RT-PCR test as soon he/she checks in at the airport. SARS-CoV2 Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) is the only allowed test. This test should be done within 120 hours of departure. Travelers are advised to do this test and get negative results five days to their flight. Rapid Diagnostics Test(RDTs) and other related tests are not allowed in Rwanda.

3.Mandatory Covid19 Test Upon Arrival @$60

In addition to the many tests you are required to do before arriving in Kigali, All travelers MUST all test for Covid19 upon their arrival at Kigali International Airport. The Rwanda Biomedical Centre has established a covid19-testing center within the airport. Travelers are required to do a (ERT-PCR) and the results come out within 24 hours. Within this time, travelers will be quarantined at the designated hotels by Rwanda government. When the results are out, a travelers can proceed to his /her desired hotel or stay in that same hotel for the rest of his/her sty in Rwanda.

4.Wait for Results at Transit Hotels

After doing a covid19 test at Kigali International Airports, Travelers are transferred t any of the transit hotels where he/she will stay doe 24 hours waiting from the results from the Rwanda Biomedical Centre. These hotels have been selected by Rwanda Government which negotiated for special rates between $30 to $450 depending on the budget of a traveler. These rates are valid for 24 hours.

5.Travelers who test positive for covid19 undergo treatment at their own cost

For the unfortunate travelers who test positive for covid19 upon their arrival at Kigali Airport, they must undergo treatment at their own cost. A traveler who tests positive will not be allowed to move out of the hospital nor allowed to fly back to his/her country. In other words, no one is allowed to fly from Rwanda to any destination when he/she is covid19 positive. For those who test negative, they are allowed to move out of the hotel and continue with their trips. Travelers are advised to carry their International travel insurance for such emergencies.

6.Mandatory Screening on Land Borders

For those connecting from and to the neighboring countries, mandatory temperature screening at land borders is a must do. Any traveler whose temperatures are high will be required to stay put and go for further testing. In addition to temperature screening, travelers will still undergo covid19 testing at the hotels costing $60.

7.Negative Covid19 results required before departure

All travelers moving out of Rwanda Must present negative covid19 results. These should be taken 120 hours before and proved by the Rwanda biomedical center. Travelers are advised to book and pay for this test at least 2 days before for convenience. SARS-CoV2 Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) performed within 120 hours before departure

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