Why visit Rwanda

Rwanda Ranked Seventh Best Travel Destination For 2021

While the world recovers from the lost 2020 travel year, Rwanda has been ranked as the seventh best travel destination in the world for 2021. On the 19th November 2020, Rwanda the country of a thousand hills was ranked 7th best country according to the Forbes Bucket List. Rwanda was ranked among the twenty-one best places in the world that re of the classic travel for great sights and convenient travel in 2021. According to Forbes, Rwanda is a true definition of beauty whose safaris offer the best experience to meet, satisfy and exceed all travelers’ expectations. A combination of rich culture, wildlife, rolling hills, lakes, birds, rivers and the beautiful Kigali city make this small country, a must visit. Maldives topped the list ranking as the number one best travel destination in the world. The many islands of Maldives support luxury holidays basically honeymoon which make it an exceptional destination to visit. Serengeti National Park in Tanzania was ranked the second best travel destination in the world, Antarctica ranked 4th best while Lake Powell ranked the best 5th travel destination in Africa.

The top 21 destinations for 2021

Forbes list of top destinations to visit in 2021

Jackson Hole

1. Maldives
2. Serengeti National park
3. Antarctica
4. Lake Powell, Utah
5. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
6. Cusco, Peru
7. Rwanda, land of a thousand hills
8. Denali National Park, Alaska
9. Porto Cervo, Italy
10. Sonoma County, California
11. Norwegian Fjords
12. Great smoky Mountains, Tennessee
13. Saint Barths
14. Kyoto, Japan
15. Gansbaii, South Africa
16. Queenstown, New Zealand
17. Acadia National Park/Bar Harbor, Maine
18. Umbria, Italy
19. Merida, Mexico
20. Lombok, Indonesia
21. Bluffton, South Carolina

Why “Visit Rwanda” in 2021
There are lots of things you can do and see in Rwanda rewarding you with a memorable experience. Over the years, this small land locked country has been ranked as a premier travel destination in Africa receiving the highest number of travelers from all parts of the world. Among the top activities in Rwanda include:

Mountain gorilla trekking

Why visit Rwanda

Gorillas in Volcanoes Park

Gorilla trekking is the top travel activity in Rwanda. Over 80% of total travels to Rwanda choose to trek the endangered gorillas as the top priority. In 2017, Rwanda upgraded to a luxury gorilla safari destination in the world following a double increase of gorilla permits from $750 to $1500 paid by all travelers including Rwanda nationals. 10 gorilla families have been habituated in Volcanoes National park and each group is visited a crew of 8 people at the same time. Gorilla families in Rwanda include Susa A, Karisimbi Gorilla family, Amahoro gorilla family, Agashya gorilla group, Umubano Gorilla group, Kwitonda family, Hirwa gorilla group, Sabyinyo gorilla family and Ugenda gorilla family. Different Rwanda gorilla tours are offered to help you meet and interact with these endangered species. The trips to see gorillas in Rwanda range from a 1 Day Rwanda gorilla trek to over 10 Days Rwanda safari depending on the travelers available time and budget.

Golden monkey trekking
Also done in Volcanoes National park, golden monkey trekking is the second top done activity in this park. Over 500 golden monkeys live in this park and habituated into tow communities. Fortunately, trekking golden monkeys in Rwanda costs $100 which make it quite cheaper compared to gorillas in the same national park.

Chimpanzee trekking
Go to trek Rwanda chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park to meet and interact with the man’s close relative. A 3 Days Rwanda chimpanzee tour is a suitable package to enjoy this lifetime experience. Over 500 chimpanzees are estimated to be living in Nyungwe Forest National park. Trekking chimpanzees can be done with in the major forest or Cyamudongo forest. Treks to see chimpanzees in Nyungwe Forest National Park last between 2 t0 6 hours depending on where chimpanzees will be that day and the speed of the slowest person in the group. Chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest costs $90 inclusive of the permit, park entrance fees, angers fee and conservation fees. Gorilla Trek Africa helps you book and tailor made a suitable chimpanzee trekking tour to Nyungwe Forest National Park. Besides chimpanzees, Nyungwe forest is home to several other primates, which include silver monkeys, Vervet monkeys, Owl faced monkeys, Red tailed monkeys, LHoest monkeys and grey-cheeked monkeys among others.

Canopy walk
Canopy walk is normally done as complement to chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest National park. The suspension bridge is 160 meters long and 70 meters high above Nyungwe Forest National Park. Travelers walk above the forest for memorable aerial views of the forest, the Virunga volcanoes, birds and wildlife in the park. Canopy walk experience is scheduled for morning and afternoon hours depending on the traveler’s choice.

Big five game
Enjoy guided game viewing experience in Akagera National Park. Morning, evening and night game drives in the park offer you chances to see different wild animals which call this savannah park home. Expect to see the “big five” Elephants, lions, Hippos, Leopards, Rhinos and many other animals which include zebras, giraffes, waterbucks, warthogs, bushbucks, Topis, Elands, Kobs, Gazelles and Oribis among others. Other travel activities to do in Akagera national park include camping, boat cruising at Lake Ihema; nature walks s and fishing among others.

Kigali city tour
You cannot miss touring Kigali city on your Rwanda safari. YES, Kigali is a first stop in Rwanda and a gateway to all other experiences in this small country. Enjoy a drive though Kigali city to visit different destinations, which include the Kigali Genocide Memorial Centre, Kigali Convention Centre, Kimironko Market, Inema Art gallery, the presidential palace and shopping malls. The clean and traffic free streets of Kigali city make you feel like driving through over and over again.
Conclusively, 2021 will definitely be a special year of travel. Visit Rwanda and other 20 top travel destinations in the world and you will never regret!

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