Rwanda Entry Visa Fees Revised

A Rwanda valid visa id of the key travel requirements for all travelers to this land of a thousand hills. Rwanda Visa fees are revised over and over again just like in other countries. Gorilla Trek Africa bring you revised standards fees for a Rwanda visa.In order to create a simple and convenient payment situation for all international travelers to this land, Rwanda's Immigration and Emigration with respect to aligning the current Rwanda visa Travel requirements to Rwanda
cost to accommodate other international currencies has set new Visa fees valid for a year. After Uganda cut her single entry from 22nd July 2016 from $100 to $50, Rwanda also decided to revise her prices to make it easy for her in coming travelers.Travelers to Rwanda using a single entry visa are at a high advantage in terms of the travel costs because they are quite cheaper compared to other East African countries.

According to the statement from the Immigration directorate, the new transit and entry visa goes for $30, while other different currencies will pay, Euros will be paying €27 and pounds will pay £20. Rwanda tourists and family visa will now cost $50 equivalent of €45 Euro and £35 Pounds. All travelers holding diplomatic passports are free of visa charges while for travelers seeking to come for conference and business, the entry visa has been retained to $30 and €27 and £20.

The revision of Rwanda visa fees is real good news to travelers who use the British pounds whose rates have been revised downwards more than all other rates. With the new Visa fees, there is great hope for increased Rwanda safaris mainly gorilla tours to Volcanoes national park, game viewing in Akagera and chimpanzee/canopy walk in Nyungwe forest national park. The struggling pound which had dramatically fallen to its lowest level against the dollar in more than 30 years past is at this time the most advantaged since its users are going to pay lesser than what they have been paying. This time, the us dollar has not reduced and its users will keep paying 30usd.

The new rates referred to the National Bank of Rwanda’s annual average cross rates between commonly used international currencies, namely US Dollars ($), Euro (€) and Great Britain Pounds ((£) and most if not all travelers to Rwanda use these exchange rates.
It is believed that at present, all other East African countries (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) charge the same level of 50usd with an exception of Rwanda that charges 30usd. These charges are for single entry visas not the East African tourist visa.

The charges for all other visas in Rwanda have been revised except the East African visa which has stayed at 100usd per person. The East African visa allows travelers to cross and enjoy all natural and manmade resources and tourist activities in other East African member countries of Uganda and Kenya. Tanzania is still an exception.

Tanzania has been so reluctant concerning joining Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya for the single East African visa. Other East African countries such as south Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo have limited tourism growth and are not part of the East African community and a single East African visa. This is because of the insecurities in these countries that have scared travelers from visiting the countries.

Also, to all travelers to Rwanda, if visiting friends or family, they must provide letter of invitation with the contact information of the host and visitor, purpose and duration of the visit, confirmation of accommodation including the address, signature and date. You will also need to provide proof of the host's status in Rwanda that is, a copy of a traveler’s Rwanda passport information page, or, if they are not a citizen of Rwanda, copies of their Rwanda residence permit and their national passport information pages.

In conclusion therefore, the revision of Rwanda visa fees has made Rwanda popular for tourism and this has and is believed to attract many travelers to the country. All travelers are therefore urged to take advantage of this for the greater and memorable experience mad of low travel costs, reduced visa fees and all interesting natural and manmade features that make up Rwanda’s tourism.

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