Enviable Rwanda's Development Journey

What Makes Rwanda’s Development Journey Enviable

Despite Rwanda’s dark history associated with the horrific 1994 genocide, the country is presently the leading tourism destination in Africa worth visiting. The land of a thousand hills has not only recovered from the genocide ashes but has further progressed into a luxury tourism destination hosting the highest population of travelers for gorilla safaris and other wildlife experiences coming from all parts the world. The progress and transformation of Rwanda’s tourism sector is all attributed to the good and visionary leadership of H.E Paul Kagame the president of Rwanda who in his regime has reconciled local communities while encouraging more investors into the country.

The construction of permanent houses in Kigali city and all parts of the country replacing the grass thatched houses that dominated the whole country in the whole country in the past decades. Today, Rwanda is full of permanent structures constructed with sand, iron sheets and wood, which make the whole, place decent and beautiful. The famous Kigali convention center and the Kigali city tower in the city center host thousands of travelers to Rwanda for meetings, incentives, conferences and events. Also, Kigali is ranked as the most clean and organized city in the whole world. The cleanness and green environment is attributed to the local people’s love and respect for the ecosystem which has kept the country clean and free from diseases. Fortunately, Rwanda is also declared free from robbers, murders and rapists which assure travelers of their safety together with their properties which they come along with for safaris.

Regarding transport, Rwanda is the easily accessible destination in Africa. Despite being land locked, Rwanda Air’s direct flights to the United Kingdome and most West African countries is a great chance to attract the highest population of travelers. Also, tarmac roads have been constructed connecting to all rural areas and all tourism sports in all corners of Rwanda. Communications lines have been well fixed in the city and in the villages, which assure travelers of easy communication with their home people. The ease of air transport in Rwanda is an added advantage that t country has over the neighbors especially Uganda.

Rwanda’s traditions and Norms is a unique feature, which bring in many people to learn and participate in this amazing culture. The traditional wear for women also called “Umushanana” id very beautiful and presentable. Travelers are always given a chance to try on these clothes and other local activities such as the preparing local foods, baby seating, making breweries and traditional dances, which make them, feel as part of the local community. Travelers have a variety of cultural centers to visit on their cultural tours, which include ibyiwacu cultural village, genocide memorial sites, Ndaba rock, and cultural museum in Nyamata. Travelers are also introduced to the histories of Rwanda which reward them with an in-depth understanding of the country’ beliefs, norms, religions and cultures.

In the tourism sector, Rwanda is the best place for gorilla trekking done in Volcanoes national park. An encounter with mountain gorillas in the jungle is the best wildlife experiences in the traveler’s life and Rwanda shelters the highest population of mountain gorillas in the Virunga Conservation Area. The recent double increment of gorilla permit prices from 750usd to 1500usd transformed Rwanda into a luxury gorilla destination. Rwanda offers luxury gorilla safaris costing 1500usd. Other outstanding packages in Rwanda include the gorilla naming ceremony “Kwita Izina’ celebrated each year in which baby gorillas are named for identification. Fortunately, luxury hotels such as Bisate lodge have been constructed in Volcanoes National Park provide travelers with quality food and accommodation services.
In conclusion therefore, Rwanda is a best destination to visit.

Be part of safaris to Rwanda, trek mountain gorillas, visit local communities and enjoy all Rwanda pleasures rewarding you with a memorable experience.

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