Discounted Rwanda permits

Promotional Gorilla Permits in Rwanda amidst Covid19

You can now trek Rwanda gorillas for as low as $200, a huge discount from the initial $1500 that had discouraged many gorilla lovers especially those on budget from visiting gorillas in Rwanda. The $200 applies to Rwanda nationals and East African citizens while foreign residents will pay $500, which is, still a big advantage for mountain gorilla lovers. For the past close to 3 years, Rwanda has been selling as the luxury gorilla tour destination since May 2017 when RDB hiked her gorilla permit prices from $700 to $1500 paid by all travelers despite one’s nationality. Having hit had by Covid19, Rwanda Development Board revised a cut on the gorilla permit prices to encourage locals and other foreign residents and non-foreign residents to visit and enjoy the lifetime gorilla trekking experience at a very low cost. Rwanda Development Board announced her promotional gorilla permit prices for those who want to go gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park. The good news was announced on 17th June 2020 when Rwanda Development Board reopened her national parks to tourism after three months of lockdown. All national parks and tourism destinations in Rwanda were closed to tourism in March 2020 to contain the spread of the deadly coronavirus in the country and especially to the endangered gorillas and chimpanzees, which are susceptible to communicable diseases. The major reason for promotional gorilla permits in Rwanda is to encourage more travels to Rwanda amidst coronaVirus pandemic. Gorilla tourism is the major source of revenue for Rwanda government, which contributes over 50% of the country’s gross domestic product.

NOTE: Travelers and travel operators are reminded that the offer of discounted mountain gorilla permits in Rwanda are valid till 31st December 2020. After this period, the prices for gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park will go back to the initial cost of $1500 for all travelers. In the same way, Hotels, Lodges and other service providers are offering discounted food and sleeping services to travelers.

Who is eligible to trek gorillas in Rwanda amidst Covid19?

Whereas Rwanda has opened for tourism, certain restrictions are still in Place. Only Rwanda residents and international travelers with chartered flights are allowed to trek gorillas as of now (6th July 2020). All travelers must test negative for covid 19 48 hours before the trekking date. Also, an traveler with any signs of sickness, flue, cough and high temperatures will not allowed to visit the endangered mountain gorillas to avoid the risk of spreading the deadly coronavirus. Travelers using charterer flights MUST test negative 72 hours before the flight and will be subjected for a second test when they arrive in Rwanda. Commercial flights to Rwanda are scheduled to start on 1st August 2020 if everything goes on well.

Guide to trek gorillas in Rwanda amidst Covid19

As always, travelers visiting to see mountain gorillas will be introduced to the guidelines to ensure their safety and that of gorillas. Among the guidelines for trekking gorillas in Rwanda amidst corona virus include:
1. Keep a distance of 10 meters away from the endangered gorillas
2. Wear a face mask
3. Wash hands with soap for at least 20 seconds
4. Sanitize all through the trekking session
5. Do not visit gorillas when sick
6. Turn back your face when sneezing and coughing
7. Avoid direct eye contact with the gorillas
8. Avoid using flashlight cameras
9. Do not litter in the park
10. Do not touch the gorillas

How to book discounted Rwanda gorilla permits

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Conclusively, the slashing of Rwanda gorilla permits is an advantage for budget travelers. Grab the chance today and enjoy the lifetime gorilla trekking experience for as low as $200.

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