Dian Fossey Karisoke Research Camp – Volcanoes National Park Rwanda

Diane Fossey is remembered in the history of Rwanda for founding the Karisoke Research Center which was her residence until the time of her violent death in 1985. In 1967, Dian Fossey arrived in Rwanda to study and protect her beloved Mountain Gorillas from poachers found in the Virunga ranges of Rwanda commonly known as Volcanoes national park.

Poaching was at its pick and mountain gorillas had faced a very big threat which called for this tough single-minded woman to fight against people who captures mountain gorillas to sell. Things that is unthinkable today in the 21st Century. Her anti-poaching campaigns are thought to be the reason that she was murdered in 1985. Her work, her dedication to preserving the Mountain Gorillas and her legacy live on, made famous through the film “Gorillas in the Mist.” The movie made people aware of the Mountain Gorillas and they began to flock to Rwanda.

Join thousands of visitors and pay a visit to the Karisoke Research Camp, the Gorilla Graveyard and Dian Fossey’s grave in particular. Just located in the saddle area between the Mount Visoke Volcano and the Mount Karisimbi Volcano, the hike up and down is quite awe-inspiring experience – you might see forest elephants and forest buffaloes, lots of birds and pass through various vegetation zones.
The hike to the Karisoke research camp takes about 3 - 4 hours taking you through the tropical forest’s beautiful stretches of Hagenia - Hypericum forest in the Volcanoes National Park

Enjoy this guided hike that takes a half-day and once at the research camp you will be given background insight into the life and work of Dian Fossey among her beloved Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. The Diane Fossey Karisoke Research Camp Trek is a perfect add-on to a Gorilla Trek in Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

The Park entrance fees to hike the Karisoke Tomb site is currently USD$ 75 per person, which includes the fee for your guide. The trek starts at 07:00am from the Volcanoes national Park Rwanda Headquarters in Kinigi, from where visitors will have to drive / be driven to the start point for the trek. Permits can be purchased on the day of the trek at the Park headquarters and porters can be hired from here.

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