Conservationists report a “Gorilla Boom” in Rwanda

The medical team treating gorillas within the Volcanoes National Park have made a report of what they described as a “gorilla boom” in Rwanda as more than expected numbers of infants are born in the park.

According to the Gorilla Doctors – a conservationist group reported Tuesday that it has recorded 24 baby gorillas in the past seven months alone. A group on social media who wanted to share the good news released the news. On average, it means at least 4 gorillas were born monthly.

This suggests that by the next grand gorilla-naming ceremony also called the “Kwita Izina” in June next year, the number will be definately higher as compared to any other period. During this year’s ceremony, some 12 infants were named at the usually lavish annual event in Kinigi, near their habitat.

Over 161 infant mountain gorilla have been named since this ceremony was begun, inspired by the Rwandan naming tradition following the birth of a new baby. It estimated hundreds of gorillas are on Rwanda’s side of the massive area – some even escaping from neighboring regions to join in.

The gorilla trekking adventures have become a significant source of tourism revenue in the countries which are blessed with the gorillas especially Rwanda. Last year, the tourism sector generated $281.8 million compared to $251.3 million the previous year, an increase of 17%. The local people received 5% of this amount through the revenue sharing program. 40% of this went to people living around Volcanoes National Park, 30% to Akagera National Park, and 30% to Nyungwe National Park

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