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Best Travel Operators In Uganda & Rwanda

We have heard scandals of tour operators running away with tourist money. This is so sad but YES it can happen especially if a tourist reserves a trip with untrusted travel operator. Booking safaris online are 99.9% based on trust between the visitor and a travel operator. Is unfortunate that some innocent visitors have fallen victims of theft by upcoming operators who are hungry for money. The whole reservation process for booking is typically done online through the exchange of emails between the two parties. The visitor, therefore, confirms the trip and even sends money without knowing the actual person he/she is dealing with. It’s after receiving payments that the fraudsters calling themselves tour operators block the communications with the client leaving him/her stranded. Also, some travelers reach the airport and find no one to pick him or her up, it’s a bad experience! We strive to protect future travelers from losing their money into the hands of untrusted travel operators.

Whether you are traveling for gorilla trekking, game viewing, bird watching or else local community encounters, we advise you on the leading and trusted travel operators based on trip advisor recommendations and the experience of the company. We also advise on the best ways to choose the best-trusted tour operators to prevent falling victims theft. Before confirming which travel operators to book with, first that he/she is a full-registered member of tourism bodies in the respective country. In case of any miscommunication, a traveler can trace the tour operators and seek justice through these tourism bodies. In Uganda, ensure that a tour agent you are booking with a fully registered member of Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), Association of Uganda Tour Operators Association (AUTO) while in Rwanda, a travel operator must be a member of Rwanda Development Board (RDB). Travelers can, therefore, contact AUTO and UTB to confirm that the travel operators they are booking a safari with are a member.

Take time to check the travel reviews from past clients who used that company before. Like any other business, you are likely to find excellent, good, fair, and poor reviews on most travel companies. Analyze and weigh the positive views and the time they were reviewed. A travel operator who gets a review after several months of not getting may not be a good one. Check the recent reviews, see the experience that past travelers had with that travel operator and they confirm your trip with confidence. Trip advisor is a platform where past travelers talk about their experiences with a particular company and recommend or discourage it depending on the experience they got. Also, mind about the company’s method of payment. Though it may be genuine, a travel operator who asks for full payments to zero balance before the start of the trip can be scaring especially for first-time travelers. Take a chance for those companies that allow you to pay the balance on the first day of the trip. From our analysis, we bring you the trusted tour operators who assure of excellent services at affordable rates. Our analysis is based on trip advisor reviews and the company’s experience. These include among others:

Gorilla Trek Africa

With its headquarters in Uganda and another office in Kigali Rwanda, Gorilla Trek Africa has been ranked as number ONE travel operator in Rwanda and Uganda with over 490 excellent travel reviews. The satisfaction of past travelers confirms that GTA is indeed the best travel operator to help you explore all beauties of Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. Each day, you hardly visit Rwanda or Uganda without meeting travel vehicles of Gorilla Trek Africa with visitors. The professional, understanding, kind and knowledgeable team of reservationist and guides at Gorilla Trek Africa make your safari exceptional and lasting. These people have answers to every travel question. Gorilla Trek Africa has been in tourism service for over 15 years, which experience make, them the best people to travel with. TEST them and you will confirm what we are talking about. For more reservations, Contact.

Africa Adventure Safaris

For any safari, o Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, Africa Adventure Safaris is you’re your number one travel operators as ranked by Trip Advisor based on their excellent travel services. The professional staff at AAS help you design your travel itinerary and can amend it any time to meet and satisfy all your travel interest. For any travel question or booking, Contact

In general, travelling with a best travel operator is one way to a successful and enjoyable safari experience. Contact a trusted travel agent, book you trip, enjoy and get value for your money.

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