5 Must Visit Attractions in Rwanda

Is it your first time in Rwanda for an African safari? Explore with me the 8 interesting activities you would like to include on your wish list while in this beautiful incredible land of beauty.

Gorilla Tours/Safaris
A gorilla trekking tour is the ultimate experience and the highlight of a trekking tour to Volcanoes national park part of the Virunga Volcanoes region also comprising of the Mgahinga national park of Uganda and Virunga of Congo. Visit the intriguing mountain gorilla, these mammals so close to human kind; they kind of portray what a human being would be like in the wild because 95% of their DNA is the same as human beings.

Located deep in the jungles of volcanoes national park, mountain gorillas take great care of their young ones and live in families showing an aspect of oneness and mutual understanding. Some of them actually now pose for photographs a typical human characteristic. You will definitely be so impressed on your one hour interaction given to you on your gorilla safari in Rwanda.

Do not waste any more time, just rush and book for your gorilla safari as soon as possible. Remember only 8 people are allowed to a visit a gorilla family a day and tickets can only be got at the Rwanda Development Board offices or from your trusted tour operator.

Chimpanzee Tracking In Nyungwe Forest
Similar to the gorillas, the chimpanzees are the closest to humans with about 98% DNA like human. Inhabiting one of Africa’s old equatorial forests of Nyungwe, they can be tracked at only $90. Their permits can also be obtained from tour operators or Rwanda Development Board offices in Kigali. Nyungwe forest has clear trails one can use on the forest expedition as well as a 50 meters canopy walk way that will enable you to have an aerial view of the forested national park and some species in their canopy hideouts.

Home stays and community walks.
Rwanda is a home of hospitable people who are willing to teach all those interested about their unique cultural practices. The Rwandese community is made up of only three tribes; the Tutsi and Hutu dominating plus the Batwa. While in a home stay, the local people will let you participate in their day to activities like cooking, teach you how to make crafts, collect firewood and other eco friendly activities like tree planting.
While in Rwanda, you will feel at home because of care and love the local people will show you. Local entertainment in form of music dance and drama is a must as you will just sit back and enjoy the sweet melodies of young men and women and an interesting sound of the instruments being played.

Cultural Events
Being deep rooted in culture, the Rwandese organizes events that bring together all kinds of people from different parts of the world. During these events, the Rwandese exhibit their local art pieces and crafts one can buy as souvenirs to keep memories of the unique experiences in the country. The most popular events include the Hope Rwanda (100 Days of Hope) in commemoration of the lives lost during the Rwandese genocide. The event is intended to help people to overcome the terror and disgrace of the civil war. Humanitarian organizations, churches, and other well wishers gather and do some fundraising to help the most affected homes.
Kwita Iziina a gorilla naming ceremony is another event you ought not to miss while on a safari in Rwanda. This is a conservation ceremony intended to protect the rare species for the future generations and has had positive results seen in the increase in number of gorillas in the country.

You might not be so interested in birding however the unique bird species Rwanda has will make you visit the country again or go to birding destinations in the country to view and learn more about birds. The shoebill stock, king fisher, pallid harrier, swamps warblers, papyrus Gonolec are among the over 1000 bird species can view while Rwanda. The most popular birding areas in the country include; Nyungwe forest, Nyabarongo wetlands, Akagera national park Rugezi swamps, Akanyaru wetlands and others.

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