Info on Rwanda Tourism

Historically Rwanda has been most famous for its natural attractions, namely its three National Parks;
Volcanoes National Park on the slopes of the Virunga mountain range, famous for the country's biggest attraction, the mountain gorillas.
Akagera National Park, defined by its "archetypal African savannah landscape"

Nyungwe forest National Park, the largest single tract of montane forest in East and Central Africa with incredibly a rich biodiversity -

A hub for scientists, researchers and eco-travelers.

Rwanda reached its peak tourism year in 1984 with 39,000 visitor arrivals—10 years later, Rwanda witnessed one of the worst tragedies of our time, the 1994 genocide; continuous conflicts in the region, international travel warnings and a persistent negative image has plagued the tourism in Rwanda.
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National Tourism Strategy of Rwanda

Rwanda's National Tourism Strategy focuses on ways on how to increase tourist numbers so as to enable higher receipts as its model for sustainable tourism in the country.
Rwanda's safari packages are aimed at attracting mainly three specific types of tourists:


Visitors who enjoy nature-based activities and are particularly interested in Rwanda's primates, animals and birds in the national parks.


Tourists who are interested in Rwanda's history and culture and desire to experience the real Rwanda; Visitors who come to Rwanda for events and conferences and briefly tour the country, as well as those seeking investment opportunities in the country.

Individual Business Travelers

Visitors who come to Rwanda for events and conferences and briefly tour the country, as well as those seeking investment opportunities in the country.

The Strategy has led Rwanda tourism to meet and surpass many of its targets, evidenced particularly by growing tourist numbers and revenues.

International Air Flights to Rwanda

There are many international airliners flying to Rwanda direct or via Uganda to cater for your travel needs to Rwanda.

The biggest Airliners to Rwanda currently (2012) are; Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and Rwanda air

Other airlines flying to Rwanda

  • KLM
  • South African Airways
  • Precision Air
  • Kenya Airways
  • Air Canada
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Air France
  • US Airways

The Hotels and Tourist accommodation in Rwanda

While on your safari in Rwanda, there are many options of accommodation you can choose from depending on your safari itinerary, budget and preferences ranging from luxury hotels to budget facilities. There are modern facilities of accommodation all through Kigali (Capital city) and other major towns.

Most Hotels and accommodation facilities in Rwanda are at very affordable rates. Check here for info on the best hotels and lodges in Rwanda. 

The medical services in Rwanda

There are not many emergency municipal medical response services in Rwanda. Ambulances are available in Kigali through SAMU by calling 912 from any mobile phone, or through King Faisal Hospital at 078 830 9003.

Outside of Kigali, ambulances are extremely scarce. Medical and dental facilities are limited, and some medicines are in short supply or unavailable; you should carry your own supply of properly-labeled medications for your entire safari in Rwanda. In Kigali, King Faisal Hospital is a private facility that offers 24-hour assistance with physicians and nurses on duty in the emergency room.

You can find charitable hospitals run by U.S. organizations with some surgical facilities in Kibagora, in southwestern Rwanda, and in Ruhengeri, near the gorilla trekking area, and in Rwinkavu, near the entrance to Akagera National Park.

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