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Special Offers to Uganda and Rwanda beyond gorilla tours

Besides gorilla trekking, a Rwanda tour rewards you a variety of exceptional activities on your African safari to Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo at negotiable prices. Our special tours include hot air balloon safaris, gorilla habituation experience, City tours, cultural tours, and Volcano climbing among others. Interestingly, these activities can be done at all times with the help of experienced driver guides who ensure you enjoy your safari and get all the necessary useful travel information you need to meet and exceed your travel expectations. potential travelers are reminded to book at least six months before the actual time to ensure timely preparations and hotel/lodge reservations. Book through info@rwandagorilla.com for detailed information and advice.

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Gorilla habituation experience

Only done in Rushaga sector south of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, gorilla habituation is a half day interaction with mountain gorillas in the wild. The experience involves training wild gorilla to make them familiar with human presence. 2 gorilla families of Bikyingi and Bushaho are being trained. Read More

Gorilla filming

Gorilla filming is the best way o capture live videos of mountain gorilla families in their natural habitat. Capturing a live gorilla video rewards you with fresh memories of exceptional human-like characters of feeding, socializing and taking up different roles like in the family home. Read More

Chimpanzee habituation experience

Just like mountain gorillas, chimpanzee habituation is not a miss on Uganda Safari in which wild chimpanzees are trained to get used with human presence. Chimpanzee habituation is done in Kibale forest national park and its a half day interaction with the chimpanzees the close relatives to people. Read More

City Tours

Day Tours kigali

After or before your gorilla safari to Uganda and Rwanda, explore the big cities of Kigali and Kampala. The Kigali city tour takes you to the Kigali genocide center and other tourist spots in the Kigali whereas in Kampala visit the popular kasubi tombs and the Uganda museum among others. Read More

Cultural Tours

Besides gorilla trekking safaris, mountain climbing and wildlife tours, Gorilla Trek Africa offer exceptional cultural tours to the local communities in Rwanda and Uganda. The commonly visited villages include ibyiwacu community village in Rwanda and Batwa pygmies in southwestern Uganda. Travelers are introduced to local traditions, which increase their understanding of African culture. Read More

Hot air balloon safaris

Special activities

Hot air balloon safaris are done in Murchison falls Uganda’s largest and oldest park in northwestern Uganda. The experience rewards travelers with the aerial view of wildlife browsing in the open savannah grasslands while predators hunt their preys. Interestingly, travelers usually have a bush breakfast. Read More

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