Gorilla Trekking Day Guide

Gorilla Trek Africa gives you the gorilla trekking day guide for the encounter in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This entails the whole experience, before and after meeting the gorillas
guide on all you need to know on a gorilla trekking tour

On the day of a gorilla trek
– Only 8 visitors are allowed to track a gorilla family. This minimizes pressure exerted on the gorillas by the human presence and human contagious diseases such as Covid 19 and common flu.
– Wash /sanitize hands before commencing gorilla trekking

2. On the trail to gorilla trek
– Don’t throw litter along the trail. Carry back whatever you carried with you
– Keep following the trail the rangers followed the previous day as you look for nesting sites of the gorillas the previous night

gorilla trekking day guide


3. On encounter with the gorillas
– Listen to the ranger’s advice attentively
– Keep 7 meters (21 ft.) distance from the gorillas at all times
– Stay together in a group
– Keep voices very low whenever you intend to interact with your colleagues and the ranger guide
– Don’t smoke, eat or drink while before the gorillas
– In case a gorilla charges, avoid looking straight in his / her eyes. He or she may mistake the looks as a challenge to their authority
– Flash photography is not allowed. Take photos gently without disturbing their peace
– You will be allowed a maximum of an hour with the gorillas. Leave gently as you conclude the gorilla trek
What you need for a successful gorilla trek
– Packed drinking water and lunch
– Rain gear as the weather is unpredictable
– Sunscreen lotion, insect repellants
– 400-800ASA photo films for your camera