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Gorilla trekking tips for the disabled

Gorilla Trekking for the Disabled

Do you have any kind of disability and wondering whether you can trek to see gorillas? YES, people with disabilities can also do gorilla trekking with no difficult. Much as many people review a hike to see mountain gorillas as strenuous and not for the physically challenged, there are suitable options for the disabled to trek gorillas. It’s undeniable that gorilla trekking is the best wildlife experience in the world, the most done tourist activity in Africa and a dream for most travelers to East and Central Africa. The disabled or physically challenged travelers also have a right to be part of this life-changing experience. Gorilla Trek Africa Your number one travel company brings you tips on trekking gorillas for people with disabilities.

Disclose your disabilities to your travel operator

When reserving a gorilla trip, disclose your physical disabilities to your travel operator. A travel agent will then communicate with the management of a respective gorilla national park to get for you simple to a trek gorilla family. Some gorilla families live in low altitude areas and easy to trek while others live in mountainous areas hence difficult to trek. Travelers with any kind of disabilities are therefore entitled to trek easy to trek gorilla families to avoid difficulty. Therefore ensure to inform your travel agent about your disabilities to ease planning and reservation process. In the same way, your driver-guide should know about your disabilities so as to remind the park management to get you a suitable gorilla family.

Hire a sedan chair

Gorilla trekking tips for disabled
A traveler carried on a sedan chair to trek gorillas
Alternatively, travelers with disabilities can opt to hire sedan chairs. Here a group of four porters carries you to and from seeing mountain gorillas. Actually, hiring a sedan chair is the best option for travelers with disabilities. The experience is all about carrying you in a sedan chair from the briefing point to the gorillas and then back. There is no single walking when you use a sedan chair. A traveler is only put down when they reach gorillas to help him/her take good pictures and then carried back. A two-way sedan chair is hired at $400 but the experience and help is worth the penny. If you want to hire a sedan chair, the reservation team at Gorilla Trek Africa to plan and prepare the very best gorilla encounter for you.

Hire a porter

If you only have difficulties in walking but not totally lame, a porter will be of great help to you. Porters help you hold your hands and support you through sliding and hilly forest grounds. Also, a porter helps you carry baggage hence making it lighter for you to walk through the forest. A porter is hired at $15 for a full day, which amounts if fairly worth the service. Porters are local people some of whom are former poachers who transformed to support gorilla conservation Hiring a porter is, therefore, indirect support for local people helping them to earn a living, support their families and improve their standards of living.

Hire a walking stick

As its name says, a walking stick will ease your walking through the jungle forests. Walking sticks give you support when hiking up and down hills to meet the rare gorillas. Talk to your driver-guide and he /she will help you get a walking stick during the pre gorilla trekking briefing at the respective gorilla park headquarters.

Book your gorilla permit in advance

Ensure to book and reserve a gorilla permit in advance to avoid any disappointments at the end. In Uganda, gorilla permits are allocated depending on the gorilla families and where they are located. Gorilla groups in Bwindi are scattered in four sectors ie Buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga and Nkuringo. Some sectors are naturally hilly and difficult to trek than the others. Rushaga is so far the less strenuous gorilla sector in Bwindi while Nkuringo and Buhoma are so hilly and difficult to trek in. Rushaga is, therefore, the best gorilla sector for disabled travelers in Bwindi. Contact Gorilla Trek Africa in time, book your gorilla permit and be ready for this memorable adventure.

Where do Mountain gorillas live?

Well, it’s very important to first know where mountain gorillas live before you book a gorilla trip. The endangered species dwell in the jungle forests of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park and the Virunga conservation area shared between Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga National parks in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo respectively. The world has 1004 mountain gorillas half of which live in Bwindi Impenetrable forest National Park habituated into 17 gorilla families.
In conclusion, people with disabilities can trek to see mountain gorillas with no difficulty. Contact Gorilla Trek Africa for advice and tips and be part of this memorable experience.


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